I like changing my blog headers at least once a month, sometimes more if the mood strikes. I keep an ongoing file of photos I see online that grab my attention and try to use them when possible. There’s always a reason for the photos I choose, so I’ll try to remember to post photos of the headers here, along with an explanation.

September 1, 2001 to present

Longtime readers of this blog will recognize that this is a rainbow-hued version of My Precious, which is also officially known as the Marshmallow Sofa, originally designed by George Nelson in 1956. We also have My Precious 2.0, which is the wee version in the girls’ dollhouse. Hey, you’re never too young to appreciate good design.

August 1 – 31, 2011I like cows. Always have. They’re peaceful animals who look so picturesque dotted on green fields, but have the added bonus of tasting so damn good.

July 5 – 31, 2011

Can you imagine anything more perfect than blue sky, puffy white clouds, and a field of sunflowers?

July 1 – 4, 2011

I would think that the reason for this header is pretty obvious, but I’ll spell it out anyway: Happy Canada Day! (Oh, and happy 4th of July too.)

June 17 – 30, 2011

I saw a great article about hiring one’s own butler and what to look for, etc., etc., etc. The accompanying photo just really grabbed me. Can you imagine being Nigel Ian Smythe-Worthington, IV and coming home in the Bentley, to find this crew waiting outside for you? Me neither.

June 1 – 16, 2011

I love poppies, but have never been able to recreate the look above in my garden, so I just put it on my blog instead. Close enough.