Just say no, but then say yes

About this time every year, I get Halloween catalogs in the mail. You know what I’m talking about — glossy pages filled with overpriced costumes for children, teens, and adults. Unfortunately, for the pre-teens and teens, the costumes are frequently inappropriate and, in fact, are scarily reminiscent of other kinds of crap I’ve recently blogged about.

It’s one thing for adults to wear provocative costumes and create whatever fantasies they have in their heads, although preferably they’re keeping it in the privacy of their own homes. However, it’s another thing entirely to sexualize minor girls and say that it’s all in good fun.

And every year I bitch about this, as do countless other bloggers. This year is no different … except that I’m not going to link to any websites or mention any company names. I’m not even going to post photos here and make jokey/snarky/bitchy comments about slutty witch, slutty kitty cat, slutty angel, or slutty whatever. Nope, I’m not going to send any traffic to those companies.

I could say that I’m going to take a stand and that I’m not going to buy any of this crap…

… except that there’s no way my children would ever wear that stuff because 1) it’s not their thing and 2) they know I’d never sign off on such sluttery.

I could wave a flag and lead the change in asking all of you joining me in this ban…

… except that I’m pretty confident that most of you already refuse to buy the trampery because we here in Jen-land are not the target audience.

It’s all those other folks — the ones who aren’t here reading this now — who will buy overpriced hookery shit for their daughters and themselves.

So I really don’t know what to do. Not that there’s really anything I need to do, I guess, except express my righteous indignation and then limpingly stomp off in a huff.

On a happy note, as I type this it’s 8 a.m. and 45 degrees outside, with an expected high today of low 60s. I’m dressed for a bike ride — long sleeved tech shirt, long running tights, my favorite Sweet Spot Skirt, and Smart Wool socks, plus I’ll be adding a fleece — and a friend just mentioned on Twitter that he wished he’d worn his gloves this morning, so I’ll grab a pair on my way out. A friend and I are going out for a bike ride and I’m sure we’ll end up downtown getting some coffee. Clearly, fall is in the air and I’m going to embrace it with both arms. Who’s with me?

The products mentioned are some that I already own and love. No one asked me to mention them or offered free goodies, blah blah blah.

14 thoughts on “Just say no, but then say yes

  1. Last year the Kid wanted to be Aladdin. I just about skipped to the sewing machine.

    It’s definitely easier with boys but instead of the trampiness you have the blood and gore. Ugh!

  2. I’m with you on both counts. Hate the slutty costumes (and of course will NEVER allow my daughters to wear them, although I’m fairly confident they wouldn’t want to) and love, love, love the fall weather!

  3. Other beefs with Halloween. But first, I lived out in the country when I was a kid and Halloween was not a big deal – too far to go to trick or treat. Plus, in most places you have to incorporate a coat, and how much fun is that? And I’m not the crafty type and not in the mood to put serious labor into something that will last a couple hours.
    On a less cranky note, the best costumes I ever made for the kids were a Rubiks cube and a bunch of grapes. Minimal investment, minimal skill required.
    Fall out here is entirely different. MOre like a very pleasant Summer.

  4. I agree that I frequently fel like I am preaching to the choir on some of these issues. I often wonder how to reach those who are not giving thought to these things to start a dialog. Anyhoo – my girls were not into looking anything but cute until they were of more appropriate ages to look sexy. And I agree that I had to reign my son in from the too violent a time or two.

    Love fall, too, but we are in our late summer here – another month or so until it cools off.

  5. Yeah, I’m on the same page. Last year was the first time Emma has ever chosen a costume that had slutty options. This is a holiday I avoid like the plague, so she and Rob usually coordinate and go shopping together, and last year she wanted to be a pirate. They picked out a costume and accessories, none of which seemed slutty until my long-legged girl put the skirt on. Everything is too short on her. So, we paired it with leggings –no problem.

    Except that for the school party, she forgot to pack the leggings, and I nearly died of embarrassment when I picked her up in that too-short skirt. I don’t know what she’ll be this year, but I’ll have to stay more on top of things :-)

  6. I think this year my son is going to be a knight and the girl shall be a dragon (because I ban princess crap at my house). Both shall be well covered. If you chose a costume-who-shall-not-be-names, you’d end up with frost bite. So costumes around here are usually more wholesome. Thank goodness for small favors.

    Happy to see fall. Just wish my plants produced more red tomatoes than green. My windowsills are full.

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