A friend of mine blogged about how she now works in cube-ville but hasn’t actually decorated her box yet. It occurred to me that perhaps she needs a little decorating help, so I put together some ideas for her.

Dear Patience,

I know you are a woman of discerning taste, so my first thought is that you could keep things simple, like this:

I’m not sure which I like more, the welcome mat or the flowers.

Or maybe go for understated elegance:

But perhaps that’s not cozy enough. Would you rather go with a British club look:

This is an elegant look, for sure, but if you start hanging out at the old money country club on the edge of town and start hobnobbing with the blue bloods, then I’m sorry to say that our friendship is over. I just wouldn’t be able to keep up and, frankly, wouldn’t want to.

I seem to recall that you’ve tried yoga at least once (or maybe you just mocked someone who does yoga), so I thought I’d put together a simple, natural theme for your office:

If that doesn’t keep you all zen-like during your next two hour conference call, I don’t know what will.

Speaking of long-ass work phone calls, perhaps you should keep some reading material handy, just in case you get bored:

I’m guessing you’d go with the New York Times and I think that would be an excellent choice.

Or if boredom is a real issue, perhaps you could add some entertainment:

But you know, maybe you want to be friends with everyone in your office, which means you’re going to want to have the coolest cube in the building. In that case, what you need is a full-on tiki bar:

If you stock good brands and stay away from the cheap crap, I’m guessing you’ll be the most popular person in the office. Provide some snacks too and you’ve just guaranteed your next promotion.

At Christmas, I’d like to see you get into the holiday spirit:

And if you’re worried about alien abductions, my friend Jenn has the perfect suggestion for you:

But the fact is, you might want to make your work home a calm environment, one in which you can hide and work in peace, but no one will be able to find you, in which case, I suggest this:

These are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. If you need any back issues of Martha Stewart Living, let me know and I’ll hook you up. Good luck with the decorating.

– Jen

14 thoughts on “Cubed

  1. I actually enjoyed our cubicles back in the day. I feel like we were much more “connected” than in my present office situation. Of course, I much prefer the office deal (hello door!) when I need to tackle something WITHOUT input from my fellows.

    I’m partial to #2. Although if your friend chooses the holiday route, I hope she will be part of the “Holiday Homes Tour”! : )

  2. Funny! I like the welcome mat. “Please wipe your feet before entering my cubicle.” I wonder what my office mates would say if I came in on a weekend and slapped down a “hardwood” floor? Some of those cubes are kind of cute.

  3. Wow, some of these designs don’t leave a lot of actual work space :-)

    What I really want to know, though, is who has the kind of time it takes to cover everything in their office in newspaper or foil?!

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